Our Mission

CrossTraining exists to prepare and equip students for the life of a dynamic disciple. A Disciple who...

  • ...has a heart for God and His will. We desire students to recognize God's love and have a passion for His abundant blessing and relationship. At the same time, we want students to recognize that Satan wants to destroy our relationship with God through sin. This relationship is only restored by grace through faith.
  • ...knows what he/she believes. We not only desire students to experience the presence of God, but also to be able to articulate and defend their faith. We are confessional people, meaning we also have a certain cognitive awareness of who God is and what His plan is for us.
  • ...acts on God's behalf. God calls us to action. We are not to be pew sitters but rather part of a team to accomplish God's work. As God's children, we are salt and light to this world.
  • ...seeks God through prayer. Being a disciple means being in contact with the One we follow. Prayer is, simply put, talking with God.
  • ...recognizes a higher calling. We encourage students to realize that they are "called." We are to rise above what the world suggests for acceptance and value, and trust that God has a higher purpose for us.
  • ...is connected with other Christians. God did not design us to do life alone —instead He created us to be people of relationship. One of our goals in CrossTraining is to help build Christian friends with other peers as well as significant mentoring relationships with adults.


To register for CrossTraining download the above forms, contact the church office at 763.434.7337 or contact Peter Hiller at philler@foclutheran.org.