Our goal is to partner together to empower and equip children to be all that they are called to be. The KidZone staff and volunteers put all their energies into creating an experience that will share God’s Word with the kids while encouraging them to grow in their faith walk. Equally important is our commitment to making KidZone a safe and fun place for kids.


CrossTraining is our regular gathering for Jr. Youth in grades 6-8. Students work through a three-year training course that will prepare them for their Rite of Confirmation (an event in which students make a public profession of their faith). Unlike other confirmation programs, we are attempting a training that moves beyond "head knowledge" only. Just as the word "training" suggests, we hope to prepare students for dynamic life-long discipleship. 



Powerhouse is Family of Christ's weekly High School Youth night for students in grades 9-12. It is designed to help students grow in faith and develop Christian friendships. The night starts out with social time with food, games and more (7:00-7:30pm) followed by a topic presentation (7:30-8:00pm) concluding with small group discussion (8:00-8:30pm). Topics will include Teen Issues and Biblical Studies.

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At Family of Christ we seek opportunities for all ages to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ HERE in our surrounding communities, NEAR in the state of Minnesota, and FAR around the globe.