• Easter Jam is video-based event for the whole family! (This is where you will use the chocolate bunny and frosting from your Holy Week and Easter Family Nights in a Bag kit!) If you really want to go BIG, purchase a larger hollow bunny or egg. You will need about 30 minutes to watch and participate along with the activities in the video. The best part is the story about Jesus at the end. Enjoy!

    Didn't get a Family Nights in a Bag kit for Holy Week and Easter - no problem! Contact Ruth Woltmann (info. below) to get a kit for your family. 


  • kids MINISTRY

    Our goal is to partner together to empower and equip children to be all that they are called to be. The KidZone staff and volunteers put all their energies into creating an experience that will share God's Word with the kids while encouraging them to grow in their faith walk. Equally important is our commitment to making KidZone a safe and fun place for kids.

    KidZone is a place where kids experience that God is a Great big God and they are each part of His Great Big Story! We love partnering with families to help kids grow in their faith walk and develop a lasting friendship with Jesus.





    As preschoolers take their first steps in their walk with God, they form core beliefs and attitudes that can shape their faith for years to come. We introduce preschoolers to who God is and what His love means to them. We strive to give preschoolers a first impression of God in such a way that it makes a lasting impression in their hearts.

    We offer classes on Sundays at 9:00 am.


    The Elementary years are such an exciting time! Our kids are growing so fast and they learn more every day! They transform from being totally dependent on us as toddlers to becoming more independent little people who are thinking new thoughts and dreaming new dreams. What a perfect time to teach them about the God who made them and loves them! We want our kids to become more like Jesus through engaging in our large group lessons and making meaningful connections in our small groups.

    We offer classes on Sundays at 9:00 am.


    We ask families to sign children in at our check-in where they will receive a printed tag for your child and a corresponding tag for you to keep.

    For your peace of mind, our volunteers are trained, screened and ready to care for your child.

    Special Needs

    We love to partner with families of special needs children and will strive to find the path to learning about God’s love for all children.

    • Sunday School Buddies are one-on-one pairings within a KidZone small group for students who need accommodations because of learning disabilities, physical limitations, or behavioral struggles.

    Patti Nelson
    Administrative Assistant
    763-434-7337 ext. 12

    Ruth Woltmann
    Director of Children's Ministry
    763-434-7337 ext. 20