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Meet Jesus through worship, Make Friends through LifeGroups, Make a Difference through Missions

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Our Values

  • Grace - We love because Jesus went first. We serve because he is the king of kindness. Our church can be characterized by God’s kind of grace, not pride in our size or stature.
  • Worship - The arrow points up, in deliberate acts of praise and obedience to our God. This includes our worship services, but also personal faithfulness. We serve and glorify Christ in all the areas of our life, not ourselves.
  • Community - Community happens on Sunday mornings and in Life Groups, but also in how we receive and seek to build others, care for the hurting, elevate the other, and model sacrifice, joy, and humility.
  • Mission - We are committed to personal, local, and global evangelism and acts of love, but also the mission of who we are as a church and as a person. Are we here to be the hot new church in town, or find the best new programs and ideas, or to be the body of Christ wherever we are?
  • Integrity - We value integrity in our finances, morality, and honesty, but also in the word’s literal meaning- oneness- that what we say is one with the way life really is.
  • Excellence- In all areas of ministry, we strive to serve with the best of our abilities and resources. God doesn’t deserve sloppy