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Undress the Mess

An Ugly Sweater Christmas

As we journey to Bethlehem throughout the four weeks of Advent, our theme this year is: “Undress the Mess; An Ugly Sweater Christmas.” So at every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship service throughout December we will address hang-ups that hinder our growth in Christ.

Which “ugly Christmas sweater issue” are we addressing today? People pleasing!

Let’s be honest, we all spend far too much time trying to please and seek the approval of others. Unfortunately, constantly living for the approval and applause of others wears us out, weakens our faith, and causes us to overlook God’s gifts and purpose for our life.

So we will learn why trying to please everyone is a trap and discover biblical truths that will help us avoid falling into it.

Holy Spirit, empower us to believe that living for God’s approval is far more important than popularity. Help us to live boldly and faithfully for an audience of One (Jesus). Thank you for reminding us that our identity, meaning and security are always found in Him alone. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen 

Pastor Keith 

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