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David - The Untold Stories

Begins July 5th

David is one of the most prominent figures in history and the Bible. Most know him as the kid who battled Goliath, wrote over seventy of the Psalms in the Bible, and became the greatest King of Israel. But often in life, it is in the lesser known stories that the real story is discovered. In the upcoming weeks as we study some of David’s wise and foolish decisions and reliance on God’s grace, our hope is that the Holy Spirit will shape and transform our hearts. May the Lord say the same thing of us that He said about David: “You are a person after my own heart” (Acts 13:22).



"Unmistakable - unmistakable Survival Kit"
I Peter 5:1-11

JUNE 28th, 2020

This week we come to the end of our series on First Peter. What have we learned? That we are a holy people who belong to God and live in the midst of a broken and hostile world. But instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we have living hope because the Savior Jesus is returning and inviting us to share in His glory.

Although the world is not as it should be, today we will learn we have a job to do until that final day when God rights all wrongs. Let's be vigilant in prayer, spiritual leaders, faithful followers, humble servants, firm in resisting the devil and about the business of the kingdom!

 Pastor Keith