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4orty - Elijah's 40 Day Journey of Restoration

The prophet Elijah is generally acknowledged as the greatest of the Hebrew prophets. But even a great servant of God like Elijah had highs and lows during his life. He was used by God to perform miracles but also experienced timesof despair. After the literal mountain top experience of defeating the false prophets of Baal, Elijah’s life took an about face.

Queen Jezebel was so outraged by the slaughter of all the prophets of Baal that she said Elijah would be killed within 24 hours. Despite being used by God for such an amazing victory, Elijah panicked. He took his eyes off God and he literally ran for miles and miles in the wilderness. And when he realized what he had done, depression set in. Elijah had run from a “mountain top experience” to the “valley of despair”.

The Good news is that God met Elijah in the wilderness, took care of his physical needs and then whispered to him in a “small, still voice”. Elijah responded, shared his fears, and was gently restored by God to “get back up” and continue his service to God. So, it is with us. We have our mountain top experiences, periods of wandering in the wilderness, and times in the valley of despair. Regardless of where we’re at, God is always faithful to meet our needs, to speak to us through His Word, and to gently restore us for service, just as He did with Elijah! 

Craig Quiring

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