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Preventing Heart Desease
Hebrews 3:6, 12-14

Did you know, every thirty seconds in America, somebody dies of heart disease? It is the number one killer among both males and females and accounts for nearly 50% of every death. This week, as we study Hebrews chapter 3, we won’t be focusing on preventing physical heart disease, but on stopping the devastating effects of spiritual heart disease.

We have all seen hearts that at one time were vibrant and passionate about Jesus and His mission. But over time they started to get clogged and hardened. So how can we avoid and prevent this? Today we will discover this can be achieved through two things:

  • Regular check-ups (Daily assessing that sin and evil aren’t getting a foothold)
  • Through constant mutual encouragement to trust in Jesus and follow Him faithfully

Prayer: Father, in your Word you remind us that our hearts are deceitful and can be led astray. Send your Holy Spirit to lead, guide, change and transform us into the image of your Son. Strengthen our hearts so that we remain faithful to the end. This we ask in Jesus’ name. 

Pastor Keith

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