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Living a New Vision

The Who? of our vision

Last week we learned that Jesus Christ didn’t go to the cross just so we could have happy homes and gather in holy huddles. He didn’t enter death’s clutches so that we could eat, drink and be merry fulfilling the American dream. Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost. He lived, died and rose again to make His forgiveness and salvation available to all people. Now His church exists to make disciples of all nations. We are Christ’s hands, feet and voice reflecting His presence, love and grace wherever He places us. That’s the why (the purpose) of our existence.

This week is all about discovering “who” to disciple. Although faith in Christ is often a very personal matter, it’s not private. In God’s plan, people are reached through other people. The “who” that we reach, serve and disciple is a person whose heart has been prepared for the Gospel by the Holy Spirit. So who is a neighbor, classmate or colleague whom you can befriend, assist and witness to today? 

Pastor Keith