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Strong faith for confusing times (habakkuk)


questions for god


Last week in our first message from “Strong Faith for Confusing Times”, we learned how Habakkuk questioned God about all the evil, injustice and corruption he was witnessing amongst the Israelites. When God revealed His plan to send the wicked Babylonians to clean house, Habakkuk didn’t understand why God would proceed in such a way with His chosen people.

This week we’ll look at the next portion of Habakkuk’s conversation with the Lord often referred to as his second complaint. Habakkuk continues to press God for answers as to why He’s going to inflict such harsh destruction on the Israelites. We’ll look at three questions Habakkuk asks God included in this week’s text; “Who are you? How can you allow this? How long will this last?” Like Habakkuk, we often ask God these same questions during the tough times in our lives and in response to the evil and injustice we see happening in the world. Come and join us this week as we explore “Questions for God.”

Craig Quiring

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