Building Bridges - God Searches

The Lord never stops passionately searching for those who are lost. No matter what the cost, His all-consuming love pursues sinners until they are found. Need proof? Look at the cross!

This week, as we study the Old Testament story of Jonah, the last people whom anyone thought the Lord would seek to save were the ruthless Assyrians. Jonah especially didn’t think they deserved God’s mercy or grace. So he completely disobeyed God’s order to preach to them. Instead, Jonah fled 2,500 miles in the opposite direction. Subsequently, God was now seeking Jonah in addition to seeking the Assyrians.

Jesus knows that most people aren’t flocking to churches anymore. So He goes ahead of us and invites us to be His hands, feet and mouths to seek those who are still lost in the world. Who are the people in your circle of influence who need to hear and receive God’s love and grace? How will you demonstrate His love and compassion this week? 

Pastor Keith

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