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"Unmistakable - unmistakable identity"
I Peter 2:2-10 

This Sunday morning I’m planning to preach about the government. Now that I have your attention, I assure you this message won’t be about partisan politics.

Thus far in our Unmistakable series from First Peter, we’ve learned that followers of Christ are citizens of heaven and strangers (exiles) in this world. So how are Christians supposed to view and obey earthly governing officials? Instead of ignoring, criticizing or discounting them, we are to respect and submit to them. Why? Because God, who possesses all authority, establishes secular government for His good ends, to maintain order and for our benefit. Now motivated by the love of Christ, we honor, obey and pray for authorities at home, school, work, church and in the government.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for caring for me through those You have placed in authority over me. Guide them to use their authority according to Your will and help me obey them. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

Pastor Keith