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wired for worship

Over the next month in our new sermon series titled “Wired for Worship” we’re going to grow in our understanding of what worship is. Here are some of the truths that we will discover:

  • Worship is commanded by God.
  • The highest form of worship is faith.
  • Praising, thanking and praying to God in worship (as well as studying and following His Word) are the chief works of love after faith itself.
  • Worship is Trinitarian and centered on Jesus Christ. If Jesus is not the focus, worship is bogus.
  • Worship begins at the cross, where Jesus becomes the only acceptable worship offering to the Father.
  • Worship is the primary attitude, activity and ministry of every Christian. We cannot take up any ministry without becoming a worshiper first.
  • True worship is to be done in spirit and truth.
  • The Bible and Confessions give Christians considerable freedom in choosing forms and styles to worship God.
  • The Bible describes many physical expressions of praise and worship including: singing, lifting hands, bowing, kneeling, clapping and dancing.
  • Being a “living sacrifice” is to consecrate our lives wholly to the Lord; lay down our self; pick up the cross daily; and joyfully follow Him.
  • The liturgy of the Church moves worshipers into the world to live for and to proclaim the Good News to others.

Pastor Keith

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