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From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Receiving grace is beautiful, but sometimes having to extend grace and forgiveness is challenging. You don’t mind giving grace as long as it’s not to the father who berates you; the mother who constantly criticizes you; the neighbor who abused you; the boyfriend who took advantage of you; the spouse who cheated on you; the co-worker who lied about you; or the boss who fired you. Perhaps, no one knows more about this than Joseph, whose brothers sold him as a slave to another country!

Yet by God’s grace, Joseph matured. He didn’t spend much time asking why. Instead his approach was asking, “What shall the Lord and I do next?” The Lord used Joseph’s positive response to constantly turn his setbacks into steps forward.

Often nobody but the Lord truly knows the hurts, pains and snubs you have experienced. Yet may today’s worship service remind you of the following truths:

  • Jesus is all about grace and His greatest gift is forgiveness.
  • Following Jesus is all about grace.
  • Followers of Jesus love grace.
  • Followers of Jesus give grace.
  • Even when they’ve been hurt? Yes.
  • They can, because they have bountifully received it.
  • The extent to which you are able to give grace is in direct proportion to the degree to which you have experienced grace.

Prayer: Lord, give us grace to endure life’s trials and to recognize and constantly extend Your grace to others; in Jesus’ name. Amen 

Pastor Keith

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