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Apologetics - Is Jesus the Only Way to heaven?

After last Sunday’s wonderful 40th anniversary celebration, this week we are jumping back into our sermon series titled: “Sure Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions.” Skeptics and doubters often struggle with this question: Is Jesus Christ the only way to heaven? Is there a loophole? After all, don’t all religions basically teach the same thing?

We will discover the bottom line answer is, “Yes, Jesus is the only way to heaven.” Because God is in charge, He sets the entrance rules. If we could just “clean up our act” or “be good” or “be religious” or light candles or make sacrifices (if any of that mattered in terms of our sin), then God made a terrible mistake and the death of Jesus Christ is history’s greatest tragedy. Instead God, in His great mercy, sends His Son to pay for the sins of the world on Calvary’s cross. Salvation is now His free gift to everyone who receives Him through faith. Undoubtedly we will see some people in heaven we didn’t expect to be there. But even those people will be in heaven because they trusted in the Savior Jesus not because they followed some plan B.

I’m glad that God makes the final judgment because only He can read the human heart. I don’t speculate on eternal destinies of individual people because as I’ve said many times, “I’m in sales, not administration.” Because Jesus really is the only way, we joyfully share and live this Good News so that everyone will have an opportunity to believe and be saved.

Pastor Keith


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