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The Story - The Return Home


In chapter 19 of The Story we read the powerful account of the Prophet Haggai. His single task was to encourage God’s people to finish rebuilding the temple (which had been destroyed by the Babylonians 70 years earlier).

Unfortunately, when the exiles returned to Jerusalem, they had confused priorities. They were more concerned about building their own homes and businesses than about finishing God’s work. So the temple sat half-finished while they lived in beautiful homes. So Haggai reminded God’s people that lasting fulfillment and satisfaction become ours as we give our lives away in service to the Lord.

It is still easy to make self-serving activities more important than doing God’s work. But the Lord wants all of us to partner with Him in building His kingdom. May the Holy Spirit use this week’s worship service to increase our understanding of God’s priorities and then empower us to complete them.

Prayer: Jesus, kindle within me the zeal to always place You first in my life. Then bless my hearing and doing of Your holy will. Amen

 Pastor Keith