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mark - A journey with jesus

"make Your Father Proud"


Jesus was thirty-years-old when he waded into the waters to be baptized by his older cousin John. Here at the Jordan River we get a glimpse of what Christians call the Trinity. The Son came to be baptized. The Father spoke. The Spirit descended. With His baptism, Jesus began His public three-year ministry. From that time on, the die was cast. The prospect was both exciting and daunting.

By being baptized, the sinless One chose to identify with sinful people. Jesus stepped into the water not for His need, but for ours. Jesus wasn’t embarrassed to identify with sinners by wading into the waters of repentance. In the following weeks, He would eat with sinners and tax collectors. He would befriend prostitutes and adulterers. This was His mission: to seek and save the lost.

In the same way, cherish your baptism. Just as Jesus’ ministry began with His baptism, so did yours. At your baptism not only did the Holy Spirit descended on you, but the Heavenly Father also said, “You are my son/daughter whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

Pastor Keith