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Using Our Gifts Generously

“Investing for the Long Term”

The Bible contains a wealth of information about money. In fact, sixteen out of Jesus’ thirty-eight parables deal with the subject of finances. This week we will be looking at one of these great stories that Jesus once told in Luke 12:13-21 about a man who had succeeded beyond his imagination. His barns were overflowing with grain. So he couldn’t sleep at night anxiously wondering about what he would do with all of his excess resources. But that night he died. And instantly all of his planning neglected to foresee the one thing that really mattered. Only Jesus Christ can provide lasting freedom, lasting security and lasting joy in eternity. He alone is the treasure that frees us from sin, death and eternal agony.

Those who trust in the Savior Jesus are “rich toward God.” Their sin debt has been fully paid. Now they are free to cheerfully and generously invest their lives in ways that honor and serve God and make a kingdom difference. 

 Pastor  Keith