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The Story - Paul's Mission 

Chapter 29 of The Story details one momentous milestone and breakthrough after another that took place in the Book of Acts. No one (except Jonah) had ever done it before. No one (not even Jonah) had wanted to do it before. But the church in Antioch didn’t know that. They fasted and prayed and when God spoke, they obeyed. They became a “ripple church” by moving beyond themselves. They commissioned and sent away their two best leaders, Paul and Barnabas, as missionaries to the “ends of the earth.”

This week we will highlight not only what Paul and Barnabas did on these mission journeys, but more importantly, we’ll discover how the Holy Spirit empowered them to faithfully witness, love, serve and remain joyful even when confronted by the harshest circumstances. The same holds true today. God’s grace will always be sufficient as we encounter pressure, hardship and opposition during our earthly journey toward heaven.

Prayer: Thank you, Holy Spirit, for those whom You have gifted and used to share the Good News of Jesus and Your Word in my life. Empower and move me to use my talents, gifts and influence to daily and significantly serve others in Jesus’ name. Amen  

Pastor Keith Grimm