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Ordination of craig quiring

This Sunday, June 23 at 10:15 am we rejoice that Craig Quiring is being ordained as our Specific Ministry Pastor! Although all of us aren’t called to be pastors, the Lord calls each of us to serve and carry out His mission in our various vocations. The Holy Spirit utilizes our strengths, uniqueness and even our weaknesses for His purposes.

As we examine Isaiah 6:1-8, the last thing tongue-tied and nervous Isaiah thought he would ever do is become a spokesperson for anyone, much less for God. But the love and forgiveness of our great God transformed him from meekly saying, “Who me?” to boldly exclaiming, “Here I am, send me!”

Because of our encounter with God – in our baptism – we are changed, made holy and set apart for a way of life that is different. In Christ, He made us new creations who love Him, trust in Him, and have the power to live holy lives. We are now His saints, a word that means “holy ones.”

Pastor Keith