• johnsville elementary

    About 35% of the students attending Johnsville Elementary in Blaine, MN, qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. Therefore, this is a community that can benefit from extra support and encouragement. Our vision for this ministry is to build relationships with staff, students, and families in our community that will allow us to share the love of Christ.

    Family of Christ Involvement Opportunities:

    (this list is open to change as we become aware of specific needs)

    • Provide a Conference Day meal for staff during the evening conferences either once or twice per school year
    • Provide $20 gift cards to Cub, Walmart, and Speedway, (gas only). Jean King, (School Social Worker), communicates with families who are in need of groceries, basic needs, such as diapers, or gas. The amount of money allowed by Family of Christ to be given is approximately $60 per month for 9 or 10 months.
    • Volunteer opportunities to tutor students
    • Help with weeding/caring for gardens on the school grounds
    • Classroom volunteer, the requirement is to complete the ISD #11 Volunteer Application Form and Background Check, which is available online. CLICK HERE
    • Holiday help with funding to support two families. Jean King will be the contact between Family of Christ and families ($250-$300 per family)
    • Writing a personal note of encouragement to staff or students (Perhaps attach a gift card to staff members to purchase school supplies not covered in the budget or a $5-10 coffee card, rather than providing a meal at conference times)
    • Sewing face masks for students
    • Have a church drive for specific clothing items to be donated to families in need

    Due to Covid 19, volunteer opportunities are limited to outside the school building. 



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