• here missions

    stepping Stones Emergency Housing

    Our congregation has chosen two “Here” mission initiatives (i.e. located in Anoka County) to focus on serving as a congregation. One of them is Stepping Stones:


    Stepping Stones is the only homeless shelter in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Scott, and Washington counties that provides homeless single adult men and women with short-term room, board, and one-on-one counseling that moves the residents into self-sufficiency. Our vision for this ministry is to provide material support for an effective organization while building relationships with residents that may allow sharing of the gospel, and to provide ongoing mentoring once residents have left Stepping Stones to support a lasting end to homeless situations. 

    Family of Christ Involvement Opportunities  

    • Host game nights at shelter.
    • Host bible studies or music at shelter.
    • Facility improvement projects.
    • Provide and serve meals.
    • Donate clothing, living essentials.
    • Participate in Adventure Club outings with residents.
    • Develop mentoring relationships with residents.

    As of Summer 2020, only staff, residents, and essential workers are allowed into the building due to COVID-19 precautions. We have provided masks to them this summer and hope to continue other activities once restrictions are lifted.

    For more information about this ministry, please contact

    Gene Hodel



    Randy Engelmann



  • Johnsville elementary

    About 35% of the students attending JOHNSVILLE ELEMENTARY in Blaine, MN, qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. Therefore, this is a community that can benefit from extra support and encouragement. Our vision for this ministry is to build relationships with staff, students, and families in our community that will allow us to share the love of Christ.

    Family of Christ Involvement Opportunities:

    (this list is open to change as we become aware of specific needs)

    • Provide a Conference Day meal for staff during the evening conferences either once or twice per school year
    • Provide $20 gift cards to Cub, Walmart, and Speedway, (gas only). Jean King, (School Social Worker), communicates with families who are in need of groceries, basic needs, such as diapers, or gas. The amount of money allowed by Family of Christ to be given is approximately $60 per month for 9 or 10 months.  
    • Volunteer opportunities to tutor students
    • Help with weeding/caring for gardens on the school grounds
    • Assist with Savannah’s Story; a weekend backpack of food for students in need
    • Classroom volunteer, the requirement is to complete the ISD #11 Volunteer Application Form and Background Check, which is available online. CLICK HERE
    • Holiday help with funding to support two families. Jean King will be the contact between Family of Christ and families ($250-$300 per family)
    • Writing a personal note of encouragement to staff or students (Perhaps attach a gift card to staff members to purchase school supplies not covered in the budget or a $5-10 coffee card, rather than providing a meal at conference times)
    • Sewing face masks for students
    • Have a church drive for specific clothing items to be donated to families in need

    At this Covid 19 time, volunteer services are limited to outside the school building. We have at least one family’s request for tutoring their 5th grade son in math. This can take place at the Johnsville Library Branch, which is directly across the street from the school.

    For more information please contact

    Anissa Dickerson



    Amy Carmichael,



  • Near Mission

    TRINITY First Lutheran School

    Our Near Mission is TRINITY FIRST LUTHERAN SCHOOL which provides a Christ-based education for children from age 3 through eighth grade. Located in south Minneapolis, this school is in the heart of the community affected by the recent riots and unrest after the death of George Floyd on May 25. With assistance from Family of Christ and several other LCMS churches, Trinity First School responded by hosting two “Love Our City” Events in June to bless the neighborhood with prayer, conversations, and essential products including food, personal care items, and cleaning supplies.

    The school’s ministry philosophy is holistic—they work on equipping all members of the family in all areas of life, not just students in the classroom. Many of the families who send their children to the School are unchurched, uniquely locating the school to share Christ in the school setting.

    Family of Christ Involvement Opportunities

    • Helping in the classroom
    • Tutoring students;
    • Volunteering at Fall Festival & Community Education Fair
    • Helping with parent education nights
    • Participating in Family of Christ-organized events like workdays, folding and stuffing newsletters, and providing needed materials from the SCHOOL'S WISH LIST.

    To volunteer at the school during the school day, contact Anna VanVleet, the school’s Ministry Support Coordinator, at avanvleet@trinityfirst.org or 612-314-6773. To support Family of Christ-organized events or for more information, please contact Pete Mumford at pmumf94@gmail.com or 763-229-9792.


  • Far mission

    ysleta lutheran MISSION

    YLM’s mission statement is “Changing Lives Everyday Through Simple Acts of Kindness”. Located in El Paso, Texas, with ministry also across the U.S. / Mexico border in Juarez, YLM is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS Church. Since 1982, YLM has been providing ministry and human care services to thousands of people in this community every year. As Family of Christ’s Far Mission, our projects have included building homes for families in Juarez; providing human care services such as helping with YLM’s weekly food shelf distribution, Christmas toy distributions, and school backpack distributions; hosting VBS programs in Juarez and El Paso; and providing major and minor repairs to facilities on the YLM campus in El Paso.

    Currently our focus is assisting YLM’s mission church community called La Santa Biblia. This congregation is located in Anapra, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Juarez, that has a vibrant children’s ministry. Due to COVID-19 border shutdowns and the City of Juarez closing down for several months, the building project has been on hold since early March 2020. As of Summer 2020, the project is starting to move along again with securing the necessary building permits from the City of Juarez. We hope to be able to travel to El Paso and Juarez in the Winter / Spring of 2021 pending the lifting of travel restrictions across the border.


    For more information, please contact

    Pete Hiller



    Tana DeBoer