KidZone (Sunday School)

During our Sunday worship services, we share the "Big God Story" which emphasizes Jesus as our Redeemer.  Through this your children will discover the wonderful mystery of who God is and how He has chosen each of us to be part of His big story!


           2017-2018 Registration Forms are available through the KidZone office and the link below.  Please
contact the church at 763-434-7337.

2017-2018 KidZone Registration Form



What ages participate in KidZone (Sunday School)?  We serve families of kids age 3 through grade 5.

When do you offer classes?  During our worship services on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. (September -May) 

How early can we drop off children prior to the service and when do we pick up?  We ask that parents drop off their children no earlier than 10 minutes prior to a service.  We encourage you to pick them up immediately following the service.

Is there a charge?  We do not charge for any of our Sunday School materials.


What curriculum do you use?  We use the TRU curriculum

What is TRU?  The TRU curriculum leads children through each Bible Story within a larger context of God's story throughout history.  Our kids learn how to worship through song, scripture and various responses to the Word in both a large group and small group setting.


How does Family of Christ support families?  Our goals is to encourage parents to share their faith with their children.  We support the home with HomeFront monthly, Family Nights, milestones ministry, etc.

Are our children allowed to worship with us?  Absolutely, always!  

How can I be part of the Children's Ministry team?  Our volunteers are the heart and soul of Children's Ministry and we welcome everyone to join our team.  There are many positions available where you can serve.  Please contact Carla Wiederhold for further information at 763-434-7337 or cwiederhold@foclutheran.org








Sunday TruWonder/TruStory

9:30 am

Kid's Church Release Time

10:50 am



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