Discovery Class


If you are already a confirmed Lutheran/If you are transferring from a Lutheran church

For those joining us from another Lutheran church, or with a Lutheran background, we ask that you take part in two steps to becoming a member at Family of Christ:

  1. Join a Life Group. The simplest and best way to grow and get connected at Family of Christ is within the context of a Life Group, a group of 8-14 couples and individuals who meet on a regular basis. If you already have relationships with other people already members at Family of Christ, consider joining their group. If you would like to have us connect you with a pre-existing group, we are happy to get you involved. If you would like to join a group of others who are also joining Family of Christ at the same time as you, consider joining our Sunday morning Discovery Class, an 8-week series designed like a Life Group.

  2. Join us for our New Member Orientation. Offered 3 times per year, this event helps you learn more about how to get connected at Family of Christ, meet various staff and lay ministers, and answer any questions you have about our church.


If you are new to the Lutheran Church

For those joining us from another church background, or perhaps with little to no church background, we would like to invite you to our Discovery Class. This class is designed to be a great opportunity to learn more about what we believe, who we are as a church, and to connect with other individuals and couples who are already members, as well as those also interested in becoming members.

Once you’ve completed the Discovery Class, we ask you to join us for our New Member Orientation. This event is designed to help you connect into ministry at Family of Christ, answer your questions about our church, and to help you connect with various staff and lay ministers.



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