1. When your child is baptized at Family of Christ, he or she becomes a member of Family of Christ Lutheran Church. We trust that you are bringing your son or daughter here for baptism because you, as the parents, are already a “partner in mission” here at Family of Christ. If you are not, we would like to encourage you to become a part of our church together with your child.  To help you make this connection with Family of Christ, we invite you to consider taking our new membership class.  This class introduces you to the specific mission and ministry of Family of Christ. 

2. Our pastor would like to meet personally with you. Family of Christ cares about your family and wants to encourage your ongoing growth in the Christian faith. Please make a point to call the church office (763-434-7337) and make an appointment to speak to the pastor if you have not already had a time to speak personally with him.

3. Everyone is required to take a Baptism class before the actual Baptism.

4. The baptism class is offered the second Tuesday of an odd month. The classes meet at the church from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Pre-signup is encouraged by calling the church office or registering at the bottom of this page. Both mother and father of the child are required to attend. Childcare is provided for children 0 to 5 years old by calling the church office at least 1 week prior to class.

5. Scheduling your Baptism date must be done through the church office. Baptism dates are only set by the office staff. Check with the church office for available dates.

6. A picture is taken of each couple at the Baptism class. This helps us learn names and recognize couples on the Baptismal Day. Our class assistants will be on hand to take the picture and answer any questions as well.

7. If it has been 3 years or more since the last time you took a Baptism class at Family of Christ Lutheran Church, you must speak to one of our pastors about the need to take the class again.

8.To better serve you on the day of the Baptism, we need to know how many chairs should be reserved for your family and friends. Please call the church office at least 4 days before the baptism so that we can accommodate your group in the service.

9. Please notify members of your Baptism party that photographs during the service should be done discretely from where they are sitting WITHOUT FLASH. Additional pictures can be taken after the worship service.


Note to all Moms: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meets monthly on the 2nd Friday (Sept. through May) at the church. Babysitting is provided. Come join other mothers your age for a morning of fun. Bring your neighbors too.

Note to all Parents: Family of Christ Lutheran Church is pleased to have as a part of our church, Family of Christ Christian Preschool. You may call our Preschool Director, Mary Hiller, (763-413-5037) for additional information on age of child, class size, enrollment requirements, tuition schedule, etc.

Also, if you would like some additional information on our Sunday morning nursery care or Children’s Ministry, please contact our Director of Children’s Ministry, Carla Wiederhold (763-734-7337 ext. 231).


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